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Find data-backed video ideas with proven success potential, saving you time and boosting your YouTube channel.

Ready to create videos that stand out from the crowd? 1of10 is your secret weapon. This powerful tool unlocks a vast library of outlier videos—proven successes that have outperformed expectations in their respective niches.
Harness the power of data to streamline your research process. Easily uncover high-potential ideas, captivating titles, and attention-grabbing thumbnail concepts—all in a fraction of the time.
Join a thriving community of creators who share the 1 of 10 mentality. Surround yourself with inspiration, support, and insights as you elevate your content strategy.
Unlock infinite possibilities with 1of10's intuitive features. Explore by niche, generate random video suggestions, or dive into similar content for endless creative fuel.
Whether you're a seasoned creator or just starting out, 1of10 empowers you to create videos that make a lasting impact. Embrace data-driven decision-making and ignite your channel's growth.

$49 per month / $349 per year (Save 40%)


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