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Magic Thumbnails

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With Magic Thumbnails, YouTube thumbnails are automatically created from video titles and descriptions.


Eye-catching YouTube thumbnails made easy. MAGIC THUMBNAILS, an AI-powered tool, analyzes your video info and generates compelling options, blending text and your face.
Skip the design struggle. Simply input your title and description, and let MAGIC THUMBNAILS curate thumbnails that resonate with viewers.
Advanced algorithms, simplified process. Focus on creating, let MAGIC THUMBNAILS handle the visuals. Boost your channel's potential with AI-powered thumbnails.
More views, less hassle. Save time and effort with MAGIC THUMBNAILS. AI generates eye-catching thumbnails that grab attention and drive clicks.
Get the magic touch for your YouTube channel. Try MAGIC THUMBNAILS today and see the difference AI-powered thumbnails can make.

$5 for up to 35 thumbnails


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