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Get more subscribers and views on YouTube using our suite of state-of-the-art AI tools. We will help you find the right topics, write the right scripts, and optimize your videos correctly.TubeMagic has a bunch of great features to help you with running your channel. We are designed to help you with every step of the YouTube process from video idea to optimzing your finished video.

Unlimited Video Ideas & Topics

Come up with unlimited video ideas based on a particular channel to easily plan your next vids.

Instant Video Scripts

Write your video script automatically choosing from a variety of templates.


Optimize your video with the best title, description, and tags generated for your automatically (just insert unlisted YT link or write prompt)

Keyword Research

Search keywords based on search volume, competition, an our special "magic" score which automatically weighs them against each other.

Video Research

Find the top viewed videos on YouTube and sort them by different filters to find amazing ideas for your channel.

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