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ViewStats is a browser extension that lets you peek at YouTube channel and video analytics right while you're browsing.

Unleash YouTube's Hidden Gems with ViewStats (Chrome Extension)
Explore channel insights effortlessly: Search any channel, browse recommendations, and ViewStats unveils video views, growth, demographics, and more - right on YouTube.
Go beyond basic metrics: Deep dive into individual video stats, compare channels side-by-side, and get real-time updates, all presented clearly and intuitively.
For creators, viewers, and marketers: Whether you're a casual viewer, aspiring creator, or data-driven marketer, ViewStats unlocks a treasure trove of YouTube insights.
Free in beta, privacy-focused: ViewStats prioritizes user privacy with clear data practices. Just one click unlocks a richer YouTube experience.
Install ViewStats Chrome extension today and open the door to a deeper YouTube.



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